Dear Mr. Weiß,

We thank you for your contribution to our successful spring festival of the ELECTRIC GUILD COLOGNE with integrated release of the trainees, which took place on 3 June 2016 in Cologne on the MS RheinFantasie, and for which you have created and realised a concept for an artistic supporting programme.

In addition to the dramaturgical consultation, the inspiration for the artists’ programme and the staging of the entertainment programme, you were responsible for coordination and arrangements with the technical company before and during the event, for the sound check as well as for event direction, backstage coordination and artist support.

The artists’ programme you recommended included not only a stage programme but also a welcoming act on board and, during the cruise, mobile entertainment in the midst of the guests. Thus, all guests benefited from the entertainment offered during the boat trip, which lasted several hours, and the concept worked out perfectly:

The artists were always present and so active that they seemed pleasantly unobtrusive to our 400 guests. The staging of a distributed program in several show blocks recommended by you has proven itself: Thus the buffet was opened by an artist with a small stage program, in the further course of the event he and his colleague arranged alternately the evening with further entertaining show inserts on stage and entertained in between – together with the vendor’s tray girls, which were used on the gallery – the audience mobile animating from table to table.

The band continued with lively party and dance music until the last guests left the ship in a good mood after midnight.

We are already looking forward to our next party with you and the future cooperation with Albus Artists.

With the best regards

Reiner Müller


We are pleased to confirm Mr. Weiß’s consulting activities for Gebr. Heller Maschinenbau GmbH in the run-up to the ceremony “120 years Gebrüder Heller Maschinenfabrik”.

In the conception phase, an artistic entertainment programme was conceived in accordance with the communication goal “Internationality of Heller Maschinenbau GmbH”, which referred to the continents in which the company is active worldwide. Thematically suitable artistic elements were selected to support the communication goal in an entertaining way as walk acts. This also included the selection of special costumes and corresponding props. We also found support from Mr. Weiß in the selection of thematically suitable artists, in the dramaturgy and the artists’ temporal commitment.

At the actual celebration Mr. and Mrs. Weiß will take care of the artists and the backstage coordination.

Since 2014 Albus Artists has supported us at various company parties, customer events and trade fairs and with regard to the selection of artistic elements suitable to the respective occasion, theme, motto.

Mr. Weiß has always met the taste of our guests and ours with his consulting activities and support in the selection of artists. The very positive response of our guests showed that we made the right choice with Albus Artists.

Friendly greetings

Gebr. Heller Maschinenbau GmbH
Sabine Weiss


Dear Mr. Weiß,

I am pleased to confirm a comprehensive and professional consultation for the ACE Auto Club Europa e.V. for the celebrations of our 50th anniversary of ACE.

In preparation for this, we met for various advisory meetings in Stuttgart and Bonn. Here the contents of the event were discussed and how they can be supported by musical and artistic elements. Your presented concept, your ideas and suggestions were so convincing that ACE placed the full responsibility for the cultural framework of the event in your hands.

We found support in the selection of artists and musicians. You also made all the arrangements for us with our technical service provider regarding the right “setting in scene” with regard to stage, sound and light.

Also the dramaturgy, the tension arch and the temporal employment of the artists have been planned and supervised by you with us.

On the day of the event you were in charge of the light and sound check on site in the afternoon and were responsible for the artist support, the backstage coordination and the event direction in the evening.

Thanks to your help and support – you were always there for us by phone or e-mail when we had questions – our festive event became a “hit” and a success we could not have imagined better. Even today, the approximately 200 participants still remember this very gladly and are full of praise. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally.

With kind regards

Martina Moor
Club and Member Service


Dear Mr. Weiß,

on the MS RheinEnergie and with the artists booked with you we were happy to celebrate a really great party. Your professionalism and organisational skills helped to make the 100th anniversary a complete success. All the artists did an excellent job and your support worked smoothly, there were no significant delays or complaints. We would like to thank you again and will recommend you at any time.

With kind regards

Dirk Meyer
Master of the Guild


Dear Mr. Weiß,

the performance of the gospel singer you recommended was a real highlight of our naming ceremony – she made it excellent and also very personal (the child being baptized ran towards her – she lifted him up while she sang etc.).

– Great job –

Thank you very much
Paul Achleitner


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