Cabaret and other performances

Without a lot of effort, entertainers in the hall – and elsewhere – create a charmingly cheerful atmosphere among the guests and create a relaxed and binding ambience.

Belly Dancing
The „show belly dance“ differs very much from the classical belly dance, as it is performed in Turkey or the Arab countries. In the art form, element from the fields of snake and veil, as well as the fakirs, are taken over and incorporated.

Belly Speaker
Also called Ventriloquis, leads with a doll – to which he lends his voice – a funny dialogue. The sets of the doll are thus spoken by the artist so that no movement of the lips can be seen. However, a doll is not always necessary. There are artists also who incorporate any kind of objects into theirs performance.

The first clown who was mentioned in the long circus story was Louis Auriol in 1843. Famous clowns like Grog or Charly Rivel don’t use common language usually. Classical clowns used only a phantasy language, mimic and gesture, which are understood at every point on earth.

Comedian / Comedy
The set of tools of the comedians are the speech, the gesture and the mimic. The “stand-up comedy” which has been an integral part of the showbiz in the US for many decades, has also established itself in Germany for several years.

Master of Ceremonies
A professional conférencier is at the same time humorous and challenging while he is guide through your event. With his own clever anecdotes, poems or chansons, the great story-teller mediates between the actors or program points and the audience. A confécencier is not only used for varaiety programs, but also for festive gala dances or events with many points on the agenda.

Looking the original deceptive similar, doubles create a perfect illusion. Perhaps you would like to see Lady Gaga or Mr. Spock of the Enterprise at your event or have a visit of the legendary Blues Brothers at your meeting. The possible are almost unlimited.

The famous Indian facial art unites the numerous secrets of the Orient to a performance full of suspense and thrill. Classical acts such as the fire magic, the balance on the blade of the harem guardians, the shard bed or the Indian nail board are presented. The use of snakes is also possible.

Fire-Eating / Fire-Breathing
These both disciplines are two different difficult performances. While the fire-eater extinguish a burning torch in his mouth, the fire-breather spits or blows fire liquid to a fire source. Of course, we only apply artists who master their art perfectly, and where it is secure that they will not hurt themselves or others.

The only show in which sleepy guests count as success. It is impressive to see how people „jump over their own shadows“ under the influence of the hypnotist, and change their perception on suggestion.

In contrast to the parodist, who caricatures the original, the imitator tries to get as close to the original as possible. This applies equally to the exterior as well as to the interpretation.

In general, the terms comedy, satire and cabaret are frequently used synonymously. The classical cabaret artist and satirist, however, differ significantly from today´s comedians. The repertoire of a cabaret artist is more pointed and put more on clever wit than on slapstick.

Caricaturist / Swift-Cartoonist
In the shortest possible time, they recognise the specific characteristics in the face of their counterpart to be painted and bring them to the paper with only a few strokes. The drawing up of the pictures depends on your wishes and range from classical line drawings to full-fledged images with backgrounds.

Mental Magic
In an absolutely startling way entitle mental-magician, for example, passport numbers, birth dates, or items they have never seen before – and this without any technical tricks. Telepathy? Thought reading? The highest goal of the mental-magician is, that the audience after the show asked themselves and each other as long as possible: „How did they do that?“

With a high sense of empathy moderators lead events such as Fairs, galas, talks or presentations through the program. From the welcome to the presentation of the guests and/or the topic, steering of talks up to the summary of core points, moderators lead the event in a business-like and entertaining way. They differ from the conférencier in such a way, that they do not provide their own contributions.

They tell stories without words or tools – alone with body language, facial expression, gesture and fantasy. In the classical style they show themselves with white face, dark clothes and gloves. In the modern variant also gladly painted and in smart costumes.

Parodists imitate an original in a humorous way, thereby overcrowding its individual characteristics. One differentiates between singing and speech parodies. Only a few artists of this guild are equally good at both categories.

Quick Change
A great game of transformation, colours and surprises. In the magical show of the fast change of costumes, the actors slip into ten or more different costumes in just a few seconds, without the audience being able to find out how the artists did it.

Mathematical Wizard
Perform fast-paced solutions of complex mathematical tasks without using technical devices or notes! They present incredible calculate-tricks, give arithmetic-clues and fascinating entertainment elements.

Classical mime meets break dance. This is probably the best way to describe the fashion trend of the 80s. Today´s artists have, however, developed enormously and created figures which are suitable for every occasion – as a walk act or as a stage show.

Most adults are thinking that bubbles are just a toy for children. But not when this comes into the hands of a gifted artist. What they can create from soap bubbles is already entering the world of dream theatre.

Galanty Show
The old art of shadow play has been rediscovered in recent years. Totally dusted are told tales and prominent personalities portrayed.

Silhouette / Scissors-Cut
Especially for trade fairs and events with entertainment area, scissor cutters are a beautiful attraction, which gives the guests an amiable memory. The detailed portraits prove that the artists master craftsmanship and command perfectly the look for the essentials.

Stilt Walking
Today´s modern stilt walker move with their widely visible, imaginative and sumptuously decorated costumes in the middle of the audience attract the attention of your guests with their spectacular staging and/or humorous interactions.

In a smart and fascinate way, these specialists among the wizards, show how fast it can go: the wallet, valuables, even braces or belts can disappear quickly, without that the robbed person can noticed the slightest. Of course the volunteers will get back the stolen goods at the end of the show.

Dancing Couple
That show-dance count to one of the sports you can probably relate if you see the acrobatic top-performing of the rock and roller dancer. But also in the standard dances impress the smoothly glide professionals their audience with their perfect body postures and precise dance movements, down to the las detail.

Travesty Show
The term „travesty“ comes from the French and means in the proper sense to “dress up” oneself.  In the art of travesty, men slip into an astonishingly authentic-looking costume as a woman and give, for example, in the role of a diva or vamp selected content in exaggerated comic-satirical representation.

Wizardry / Magic-Show
The variety of the different games of magic range from close-up magic, mobile in the midst of your guests, above entertaining stage shows, with audience involvement, to the point of spectacularly staged large-scale productions in the style of Las Vegas.