A Cappella
The term ‚A Cappella‘ comes from the Italian and means translated as much as “in the style of the chapel”. That is, a vocal ensemble is singing without instruments. Very suitable as a musical Show highlight, less than concomitantly program, because the performances always present like a concert.

Bar Music/ Pianist
They create the perfect background atmosphere, but can just as well give an atmospheric concert: Pianists who get the most out of their instrument. The repertoire ranges from classical to bar music across boogie and ballads songs.

Big Band
The classical big band plays with at least 18 musicians, almost an orchestra, set with brass section and possibly also strings, partly with diverse singers and dancers and feature “big cinema”. Match very good to opera balls and upscale galas.

Brass Band
This term is standing emblematic for folk music and folk festival. Thereby the genre is more multifarious and can be used in many different occupations and musical styles. The sorts of music differ mainly by the national styles of music for example from Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Brazil Show
Carnival in Rio: Nowhere Samba is lived like there. Brazil shows brings this flair to Europe: Temperamental sounds, elaborate costumes and with seeming ease performed dance perfection. The Brazil show can be attractively supplemented with acrobatic elements.

Cover Band
If it once really should “be hot” – exuberant party atmosphere is required – than a cover band is be asked. They are playing popular songs from the charts – in original or in their own arrangements and interpretations. Often the songs to be heard here are even better than the originals.

Traditionally, the flamenco is composed of singing (cante), the play of the guitar (toque) and of course the dance (baile). Generally, the term refers to a group of songs and dances from Andalusia. As regards the origin of the term, it shall be presumed that the flamenco basis on Greek, Arabic, Jewish and Iberian influences. Since the 19th century the flamenco was strongly coined by the Andalusian gypsies (gitanos).

Musical Glasses
The glass harp draws on the form of the original Glass Game. The musician circling with wet finger over fixed glass goblets. In this way melodies are perfectly arranged on glasses and presented as a visual and acoustic experience in an extraordinary shape.

Jazz Band
In jazz specialized music groups can offer the full range of that genre. For events, however, free jazz is not really an option, because ignorant ears perceive this kind of music as acoustically problematic. That’s why for events usually came in use catchiest jazz such as Dixie or lounge swing jazz.

Chamber Music
Suitable for stylishly discreet table music or for short, more concerted interludes to the festivals between the speeches and honours as well as solemn price lending. It can be used small ensembles – duo to nonet, as a chamber music ensemble – or larger ones with ten and more musicians, as chamber orchestra.

Classical Singing
The classical singing is not only suitable for opera, operetta or oratorio: accompanied by an orchestra, a chamber music ensemble or a piano, this is also very good for a musical framing of a formal ceremony or for a wedding, as a crowning festive highlight.

Saloon- / Palm Court Music
Salon music is the upmarket entertainment of the old century turn, which was played in the coffee houses. The repertoire ranges from entertaining classical music to virtuoso gypsies, tangos, intermezzi to the legendary hits of the 1920s. The music is particularly suitable for the sophisticated framing of festive food.

Vocalists / Singing Group
From individual performers to singing groups or choirs: we offer a selection from the complete range of music, according to the wishes of our esteemed clientele. Individual performs as well as singing groups perform performances from alpines music to gospel, oldies, pop, rock and classical music.

Show Bands
Caring for excellent dance music, well-kept musical accompaniment for upscale dance events and a special show block for the entertainment of the audience. The occupations can vary between six and fifteen musicians.