The way we work

We are only satisfied with our performance if you and your audience are enthusiastic.

As the creator of artistic show and entertainment programmes – from music and artistry to cabaret, comedy, cabaret and walkact entertainment – I am at your side with more than 15 years of know-how from over a thousand successfully implemented projects in a wide variety of formats and will enrich also your event with powerful scenes, special atmosphere and enchanting moments that simply remain in memory.

As part of an intensive consulting process, I will accompany you from the initial idea to the programme concept and on to the implementation and staging of this individual entertainment concept – including dramaturgical consulting and staging of the performance as well as coordination and coordination with regard to the stage and performance conditions with the partners involved in the run-up to the performance. If required, I will support you with event management on site, the accompaniment of stage, light and sound checks, show and stage management, artist and backstage coordination.

In order to optimally design this creative development process, we rely on trusting cooperation and open communication.

Of course, we will also be glad to assist you if, during the phase of brainstorming and/or program development, you bring in your own concrete artistic wishes – from your own or third parties (board of directors, business partners, sponsors, etc.). In this case we reflect with you possible advantages and disadvantages of the respective performance, their stage requirements, technical conditions, etc., integrate these program points into the overall concept and take over the booking for a small handling fee.

In the case that we are one of several idea providers who give you recommendations for your entertainment program development (pitch), but do not come together in the end, we will charge you a one-time expense compensation for our services.